August 2021

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Still in that Race to Zero... B2B selling is the better option.

As sellers in the Merchant services space, delivering factual information is important to all of us. One of those areas that there is a tremendous amount of confusion in with Level III data. Who gets it, what Cards qualify for it, or even more basically, what is it and how can I talk intelligently to my B2B Suppliers about it.

Recently, I joined James Sheppard from CCSales Pro and Patti Murphy from The Green Sheet on their Merchant Sales Podcast to discuss this subject and Level II & III’s place within the B2B Merchant sales process. To be sure it is very valuable for certain suppliers in this space if they pass the correct data, but what if they don’t or can’t, what is the value of the Card to that supplier? Why the confusion about it with so many? Unlike Business to Consumer (B2C) sales where ISO’s and Merchant sellers have been primarily focused for the last 30 years, there has been a distinct lack of training offered to the Industry around B2B.

In fairness to many, B2B is a new endeavor where many sellers would like to sink their teeth into but are unsure of where to begin. Understanding the B2B Sales process is the first step. Learning that this process is completely different from B2C where the tactics of old just don’t apply. The card has a very different value proposition way beyond price. There are 5 main drivers of value to accept Card as a B2B Supplier, where current sellers are barely touching on one, that of Level III Data, and that seems to be done rather poorly.

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Guide2Interchange is the only B2B Merchant Sales Training Company for the Industry that specializes in B2B Merchant Sales Training. We have developed a 1-day session designed specifically for ISO’s and Merchant Selling organizations to assist in selling into the $20 Trillion B2B payments space with a proven method to acquire and close better margin business.

We can provide you with a proven methodology in selling B2B that incorporates, Cash Acceleration, Operational Efficiencies, and a little-known Tax Benefit as well as Level II & III Data that will help you be in-depth in your knowledge of B2B and ultimately close more business. We also teach a method that will help you eliminate cold calling and having to work verticals, another legacy holdover from B2C.

Don’t rely on what you know from B2C as Suppliers don’t want to accept the most expensive payment alternative available to them. We will show you that this is not the case.

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Our 30+ years of selling and payment experience are here to accelerate your push into the B2B space. Join the hundreds of ISO’s and agents already trained to claim your piece of the $10 Trillion B2B Industry. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our clients says.

“I recently entered the payments space and wanted to go in a different direction than most so I took Roger’s B2B training. I can’t recommend the training and support enough. Every time I speak with Roger, he always says something that gives me another idea or angle to go out and implement. When it comes to his years of experience and results in the B2B space, he is “the guy” to turn to for B2B payments.” Anthony Frye

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