June 2020

Helping Merchant’s Protect Their Customers & Employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As business owners are struggling to get reopened and create a safe shopping environment, we have an opportunity to help. ISOs and Agents can assist business owners in setting up a safe environment to transact business. Customers expect to feel safe. They want to know their favorite establishments value their health. Here are some key items you can help them implement:

Counter Germ Barrier / Sneeze Guards – One of the main components of any safe checkout process is a sneeze barrier or shield. This is an ideal solution for protecting staff and customers from the rapid spread of airborne bacterial germs caused by sneezing and coughing. These protective acrylic shields are designed as a defensive barrier that allows for commerce interactions while easing the concerns of your employees and customers.

Face Masks – To ensure the safety of both your employees and customers, masks should be worn at all times. If your merchant’s business requires masks to be worn upon entering the store, consider having disposable masks available at the door.

Gloves – If employees are handling merchandise, food plates, credit cards, or physical money, disposable gloves are a much-needed item to ensure your employees and customers are safe. Unlike masks, which could be worn for an entire shift, gloves need to be disposed of after each different activity.

Floor Graphics – Merchants may need to display reminders about social distancing to their customers. These signs may include lines and other decals on the floor spaced at least six feet out to show customers where to stand when in line.

Hand Sanitizers: Pump and Portable – Merchants need to keep workers at the counters and those on the move safe and provide hand sanitizer to customers. Make sure they are using FDA compliant for ingredients, formulations, and packaging.

Leading with PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is a great way to reach out to existing merchants to add value and start a conversation about safety and contactless payment solutions. You can also help them implement other products like online ordering, takeout systems, or newly updated cloud-based POS systems.

SURV PPE – A Turn-Key Solution

SURV PPE is providing all the necessary equipment and supplies that you can offer merchants to create a safe environment for employees and customers. They offer a full line of Personal Protective Equipment for you merchants and offer a 10% commission on all orders processed through referred merchants.

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