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Are you Committed to Creating a Life NOT Just a Business?

Producers realize that just focusing on setting and achieving targets in their business omits the majority of their life. They know that in order to realize self-mastery they must focus on more than just money and business. I’ve been following Garrett J. White for quite some time and have been involved in the Wake up Warrior movement, if you haven’t heard of Wake Up Warrior, visit their website and watch the documentary.

Garrett has created a movement for married businessmen, in order to help them actualize what he calls it the “Have it All” lifestyle. Having consumed a mountain of Garrett’s content, trained with him personally and completing Warrior Week (WW57), I would highly recommend listening to his free podcast, you will benefit immensely.

It’s a no nonsense approach to elevating your life to the next level. His training is built on a simple foundation of telling the truth, a simple concept, but not easy to practice, especially in areas of our life where we have fabricated intricate stories about events in our past.

High-level achievers adopt a similar mindset, they’re always striving to grow and expand outside just their business, areas like; body, mind, spirit, self-care, family, community, contribution and relationships. What I love about the payment processing industry, is that residual income provides the financial freedom to pursue growth in all of these areas. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to focus on this type of lifestyle for 20 plus years now and I have zero regrets.

Remember, your business is a reflection of you. If your energy level is low, health is poor, your relationships with spouse or children is off or non-existent, you lack a spiritual connection, it will manifest itself in your business. I see so many people live from this story that they are building this business for their loved ones, sacrificing it all for them, yet their loved ones are the ones they sacrifice while they chase the almighty dollar or some artificial form of significance.

Looking good

When we get caught in this trap, we have the disease of “Looking Good” and guess what? Were all infected, it’s unavoidable because it’s part of the human experience. We try to look good by making money, acquiring things, getting advanced degrees, being pious or overtly spiritual, having the right relationship, being right all the time, joining the right political party or cause, wearing the right clothes, eating certain foods the list goes on and on.

I would submit to you that this having to “Look Good” permeates every area of your life, whether you realize it or not. This looking good owns you and until you’re aware of it and how it affects your actions, thoughts and outcomes it will continue to own you. When you can be present and aware of this need to look good, you can start to authentically create in your life, you’re now aware, you’re awake and ready to create out of what you really desire, not some pattern that keeps playing over and over again. It’s ends values over means values.

The idea that you have to give up one area of your life for success in another is a lie. Many have bought into this lie. Will every area of your life always be in balance? Of course not, there will be periods of imbalance, but you need to continually strive for balance, that way you will never get too far off track.

The odds of dying sit at around 100%, we are all going to experience death. I haven’t seen many people on their deathbed asking to see their stock portfolio, residual statement or sports car one more time before they die, have you? No, they want to see the people that meant the most to them, their loved ones. If you have fallen into this trap of producing just to look good, it’s not too late to make a change!

The first step is to ask yourself, what do you really want? And keep asking until you go deep enough to discover what that is for you. Start taking a balanced approach across these four dimensions, to access true power:

These are the areas where we will create the possibility for a new way of living. When you work on all of it, your entire life combined with your business outcomes what do you think happens to your life, your family, your business when you start to produce within these four dimensions?

I’ll tell you what, you step into a new level of clarity, peace, production and connectedness, a level that you may have had brief glimpses of in the past, but now experience on a consistent basis. The key word being consistent, through diligent work you’re transformed from a mindset of scarcity to abundance. This is a simple concept, is it easy? Hell no.

We’ve covered a lot to this point, focusing question, weekly one thing, 90 day targets to support our long-term goals, but just how do we support all these targets on a daily basis? What do the elite producers do to pull this off regularly?

The answer is simple, they have created a system that works for their life. I call my system “The Framework” and it’s been something I’ve been honing over the last 25 years. I’ll be sharing pieces of it on the next three months gearing up for our 2020 1st quarter challenge series.

Marc Beauchamp

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